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How SAP time administration can help you in managing your employees’ working time?

By Faisal Iqbal | December 31, 2011

In this blog, I’ve briefly described the Time Administration – a subcomponent of SAP Time Management Solution. Working Pattern: A Scenario In a typical scenario of working at office, an employee is required to work for certain hours a day.... MORE »»

Core Elements of Personnel Administration component

By Faisal Iqbal | October 31, 2011

Target Audience If you’re looking for a brief description of Personnel Administration component of SAP HR Solutions, the following piece of writing may help you. About Personnel Administration The component supports the core HR function i.e. administration of employees data.... MORE »»

Qualification as core element of Personnel Development component

By Faisal Iqbal | February 29, 2012

Summary A position is vacant and it requires someone from within your organization having certain qualifications. You’re looking for the exact match or the closest match to develop him further, Personnel Development component of SAP HR Solutions helps. Here in... MORE »»

Manpower planning through Personnel Cost Planning & Simulation

By Faisal Iqbal | April 1, 2012

Controlling finances through budgeting While creating budgets, generally we classify the costs according to the nature of expenses. The expenses frequency varies from expense to expense; some are recurring, some are adhoc. Regardless of the frequency, we set aside some... MORE »»

SAP Payroll is a flexible tool

By Faisal Iqbal | February 5, 2012

Varied processes Recording the Salaries and Allowances, valuating them according to employees’ working time, adjusting the outstanding payments / deductions, calculating the net salaries, transferring the salaries to employees banks for a large number of employees aligned with company policies... MORE »»

Trying to understand the Organizational Management component of SAP HR Solutions?

By Faisal Iqbal | December 1, 2011

Here’s a brief & easy-to-understand description of the component. Having a good organizational structure is a foundation for many of your SAP components; HR and beyond. You can control your workflows, authorizations, portal related activities, personnel budgeting etc. Therefore interpreting... MORE »»

Everything You Wanted to Know About ABAP Coding but Were Afraid to Ask

by Faisal Altaf | July 17, 2017

With all the advances in the SAP space since the advent of SAP HANA, the many cloud-based offerings, and most recently SAP Leonardo, many wonder about the future of the ABAP programming language. During a recent SAPinsider Live Q&A, Faisal... MORE »»

Upcoming SAP Financials books from SAP PRESS

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director | June 4, 2010

It's always a good idea to keep up to date on your SAP resources. Even if you already subscribe to one of our SAP Experts knowledgebases (like Financials Expert ), SAP PRESS regularly comes out with invaluable books to help... MORE »»

An actionable example of using implicit enhancements

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director | August 19, 2011

In a recent SAP Professional Journal article , SAP ABAP consultant Faisal Altaf explained how to use implicit enhancements, which allow you to add custom code to SAP's standard code without doing any actual modification. Faisal wrote a companion piece... MORE »»

Enhance your ABAP code without altering original SAP objects

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director | August 5, 2011

A repeated concern in adding modifications to code is that doing so can create unforeseen problems if you're not careful. As a result, many companies (and IT professionals themselves) resist modifications if they can find an alternative. In his latest... MORE »»